4 Fun Ways to Improve Concentration in Kids

While many toddlers and pre-schoolers are excited to learn new things, it can be difficult to get them to sit still and pay attention to something that isn’t immediately interesting to them. Fortunately, there are several simple things you can do to improve concentration in kids, which makes it easier to teach them other necessary skills they need throughout their school years and beyond. To learn more about how you can help your child, read this guide from Abbotsford Long Day Care:

Get into a Routine:

If your child is struggling with concentration, chances are there’s more than one thing going on. And part of improving concentration means figuring out what’s throwing them off. But aside from a medical issue (which could be causing this difficulty), inconsistency in routine can also be a factor. Instead of trying eight different activities, try doing them in a sequence. Do each for at least ten days or so, and build up to two weeks. This will help with both consistency and concentration.

Encourage Creative Play:

Make up stories, build elaborate structures with Legos, or make costumes. Anything that allows your child’s imagination to take over will improve their ability to concentrate on a given task. This is what’s practiced at Abbotsford Long Day Care. While playing, help them understand how they can apply what they learn into everyday life. This improves concentration and problem-solving skills over time.

Exercise their Mind and Body:

Physical activity can help kids expend excess energy, calm down their nervous systems, and improve their focus. When it comes to improving concentration skills, more is better. Encourage your little one’s favourite physical activities, whether that means biking around or stomping through puddles, and consider doing more as a family.

Active families spend more time together, have less stress and improved mental health. Exercise also increases your heart rate and creates an oxygen-rich environment for better brain function.

Tell them Stories:

According to an Abbotsford Long Day Care Centre, a great way to build concentration is through storytelling. Have them close their eyes and imagine an adventurous tale that you tell. Make it more intriguing with their favourite things like sharks, dinosaurs, or princesses. You can also try playing concentration-based games like Simon Says or Memory. Because they’re so young, some kids may not grasp how to play these games without a little extra guidance.

As parents of young children, you know how important it is to foster your child’s concentration skills early on so that they can focus on the task at hand and avoid distraction. Whether you’re helping your preschooler focus on their schoolwork or get them to be more attentive during your family movie night, these four fun tips recommended by a childcare Abbotsford will help improve their concentration skills.

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