Mental Health in Early Childhood – An Essential Guide

Mental Health in Early Childhood – An Essential Guide

Mental health is not really considered a taboo, as more and more people have been speaking up about the various emotional struggles they deal with in their lives. Mental health problems aren’t as ‘visible’ as physical health issues, so its easy to ignore them. Some people are under the impression that only adults face mental health struggles. That’s not true, since children are vulnerable to emotional difficulties too. This guide from the experts of child care in Five Dock will give you an insight on the mental health in early childhood.

Safeguarding the Mental Health of Children:

A child’s brain develops the most till the age of five. So, whatever they face or experience within this period will have a lasting impact on their emotional wellbeing. This is why special care and attention must be given to children during the early years.  A good day care in Five Dock sets a positive environment for children to bond and grow. Caregivers will be responsible in imparting the best learning experience for your child. They inspect and make note of any behavioural signs of mental health issues, so that appropriate measures can be taken on time.

Common Mental Health Problems in Children:

The common issues found in the early years of childhood include anxiety, eating disorders, phobias, depression, PTSD, ADHD, autism, and schizophrenia.

Possible Causes of Childhood Mental Health Issues:

It is not easy to trace the exact cause of mental health issues in children. However, it is commonly caused by genetics and the environment they grow up in.

  • Genetic causes represent the traits inherited from parents or family.
  • Children develop mental health issues when they encounter abuse or neglect.

Nurturing your child in a healthy and positive environment is quintessential. A child care Five Dock centre is a great place to be. Their learning model is designed to facilitate the all round development of children.

How Child Care Centres Help:

  • A good Five Dock early childhood centre organises activities in classrooms that aid in an individual’s cognitive development. These activities benefit every child to enhance their mental health.
  • Childhood educators spend a lot of time with children, which gives them an opportunity to constantly observe your child’s behaviour. As mentioned above, this lets them identify any symptoms associated with mental health problems. Being experienced, they usually spot such signs better than parents.
  • As soon as educators notice a sign of emotional struggle, they’ll make note of it right away. When teachers work together, they can discuss and understand a child’s overall development better. These observations will be immensely helpful for families.

When you are notified about your child’s suspicious behaviour that point to a mental health issue, get the assistance of a certified mental health professional. Ensuring good mental development in children early on will greatly benefit them for the rest of their lives.