Is Your Child Ready For Preschool? Here Are 6 Signs to Help You Decide

It’s time to send your child off to preschool! You’re ready, but your little one isn’t quite, but that’s okay! Helping children transition into preschool can be tricky; some kids want to go, while others need some coaxing. Here are six signs that will help you determine whether or not your child is ready for Abbotsford long day care program!

1) Physical Development

Physical development is a significant factor in determining when a child is ready for Abbotsford long day care centre. The most important thing to look at when deciding if a little one is prepared is their physical development.

For example, can they sit on their own and hold themselves up with their legs or arms? Do they like walking independently or need someone to help them balance while taking those first steps?   Your little one may be prepared for school if the answer is yes.

2) Language Development

Children develop language skills in different ways, and at different rates, so it can be difficult to determine when they’re ready for school. But certain developmental milestones may indicate when a child is on track or needs more time before enrolling in preschool.

For example, if your child knows the colours and shapes by 18 months old and has started stringing words together into phrases by 24 months old, they are probably ahead of the curve. If these milestones haven’t been reached by 30 months old though, then additional time may be needed before being enrolled in preschool.

3) Interest in Learning

Does your child want to learn new things? Are they able to communicate their thoughts and needs effectively? Do they have a good attention span and can focus on the tasks at hand? If so, then chances are they’re more than ready for childcare in Abbotsford!

4) Emotional Development

Emotional development is when children develop empathy and show understanding or awareness of the emotions of others. When there is greater development in emotional intelligence than cognitive intelligence, this shows that a child might be readier for preschool.

5) Appropriate Social Skills

Does your child have the social skills necessary for success in school and life? There are many ways to tell if this is true or not. If they want to share something with someone else, they can ask them politely, Can I show you this? They also might be able to play games like peek-a-boo or patty cake on their own without any help from an adult.

6) Curiosity and Imagination

Curiosity and imagination are two key indicators that your child may be ready for this next step in their development. Curiosity is an indicator of intelligence and inquisitiveness, as well as a sign that the world around them is both interesting and new. Imagination can manifest itself in children’s play by the use of props or in more abstract ways like drawing or painting things that aren’t there.

Don’t fret; if your child shows only a few of these signs. Not two kids are the same. While some children learn soon, others take time to achieve their milestones. So, give them time and enrol them in an Abbotsford long day care program when they are ready.

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