Studies show that early childhood education program offers a range of benefits to young children. Young children tend to learn from every experience. Right from everything they do, see, taste, hear, talk, and wherever they go. If you want to give your child a head start before they start schooling, it’s worth sending them to child care Five Dock that offers quality early childhood education. Early childhood education is all about moulding the child, which will help prepare them for future.

Here is how your child will be benefited from the early childhood education program offered in our child care Five Dock centre:-

Children Learn to Cooperate

Learning how to share and cooperate is an essential skill that every child must learn, especially for the first child who may not be used to sharing with their siblings at home. Children can learn to share, cooperate, and take turns within a safe environment when guided by a professional who provides what’s best for children.

Encourage Holistic Development

Early childhood program builds a strong foundation for a child’s social, physical, emotional, and mental development which is a crucial skill for their future. Our teachers are trained in identifying areas where support is needed for each kid and build activities and programs to help develop the skills.

Encourage Life-Learning

Playing while learning encourages children to learn and read. In fact, the love for reading, writing, learning, and discovery should be rooted when they are young. That’s why it is essential to enrol young children in early learning Five Dock as the early childhood education program is designed in such a way that inspire the thirst for learning with eagerness and enthusiasm.


Teamwork is a crucial skill that children must learn when they are young. Our preschool activities are centred on teamwork. Teaching and instilling the importance of teamwork is crucial as it can teach how to respect the opinion of others, listen to others, cooperate, and equality. In fact, an individual who learns how to work in a team at an early age will be more employable and sociable.


Children must learn to manage themselves and control their emotions. It is essential to develop resilience in children as early as possible. With a fair social environment, clear expectations, and predictable consequences, children develop resilience. Early learning provides a challenging environment where children can learn through their experience.

Develop Confidence and Self-Esteem

Every individual should be confident and optimistic and this should be rooted from an early age. Early childhood education plays a vital role in developing confidence and self-esteem in young children. Interacting with other children teachers in a nurturing, safe environment will promote a positive and healthy view of themselves that will allow them to approach problems confidently throughout their lives.

Never let your child miss out this opportunity. Let them reap the benefits of early childhood education program. Call us for more details about our day care in Five Dock.