The Positive Effects of Early Learning: Why Give Your Child a Head Start

The importance of early learning, especially in the first three years of life, cannot be stressed enough. Not only do small children’s brains continue to develop until they’re around 10 years old, but their experiences have been found to have lasting effects on them for the rest of their lives. Here are some ways that early childhood experiences at a child care Ashfield can make kids happier and more successful as they grow up.

They Will Nurture Good Habits:

One of the best things about early learning is that it fosters good habits and can even prevent bad ones from forming. Because kids are developing cognitive skills, they’re absorbing everything you tell them (even if they don’t realise it). Remember, parents need to be conscious of what they say because their children will develop trust and/or fear based on their words. What you do in front of your child matters as well.

They Develop Emotional Resilience:

Studies show that children who participate in early learning programs at a child care Ashfield tend to do better than their peers on tests designed to measure emotional resilience and self-control. This is likely because they’ve had more opportunities to develop social skills, problem-solving abilities, and other skills that help them cope with stress as they get older. In fact, it is also found that students who participated in an early childhood education program were more likely to gain higher grade point averages at school!

They Will Gain Numeracy and Literary Skills:

Preschoolers who’d gone through an early education program were more likely to show improvement in school when it came to numeracy and literacy skills than those who had not. This suggests that children who are given a head start have better chances at long-term academic success. It also speaks to how early learning Ashfield can help kids develop foundational skills for later learning.

They Will Learn to Socialise:

Having good social skills is just as important as academic ability. As they get older, your child will need to communicate effectively, listen to others and take part in group projects. Practicing these skills at home can help your child develop them before moving on to more complex environments such as school. You can also invite friends over and organise group activities for your child.

As parents, we can all agree that one of our main goals as we raise our children is to help them become as successful as possible. However, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day demands of family life and forget about taking steps to ensure that our kids are prepared to handle the challenges that lie ahead in the future. Enrol them in a good early education program offered by an Ashfield child care centre for a good future.

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