Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Early Education for Your Child

It’s never too early to learn. Not only does early education help children develop the tools necessary to succeed in school, but it also has lifelong benefits that can help evolve them into successful adults. If you’re still on the fence about enrolling your child in preschool, here are five reasons why you shouldn’t ignore early education at a child care Five Dock.

They Will Get Better at Problem Solving:

Children who are enrolled in a preschool early learning program score higher on tests measuring verbal intelligence, visual perception and nonverbal reasoning. Studies also show that early education makes children better at problem solving in general.  This is because they learn how to work through problems with peers and adults.

They Develop Important Social Skills:

Children who attend day care Five Dock are better able to take turns, play peacefully and share than their non-pre-school peers. This is because social skills develop gradually over time.

When kids learn how to express themselves and communicate with others at a young age, they develop important social abilities. In fact, some of these abilities may even be innate. In other words, it’s an ability that they are born with but don’t develop until certain circumstances present themselves.

Better Literacy Skills:

Learning how to read and write at a young age gives children a huge advantage as they get older. Children who are taught to read at a child care Five Dock are more likely to be accepted into better schools, earn higher salaries and, in general, enjoy healthier lives as adults. Kids who aren’t exposed to basic literacy skills early on can struggle with reading and writing later in life.

Easier Transition to School:

Children who attend preschool are more prepared for elementary school. They know what to expect from their teachers and other students, and they have been taught how to take turns talking, listen to others, follow directions, and solve problems. These skills help them be successful in all classes as they get older. In addition, preschool can teach children how to share toys with other kids and how to get along with a variety of people.

Better Emotional Resilience:

When you’re a kid, you don’t always know how to react to something. You might feel sad or frustrated, but that doesn’t mean you can express it properly. A solid education allows you to better process your emotions. You learn how to explain what you’re feeling and why, and find healthy ways to manage them. This skill carries on throughout life.

Early education has become an increasingly contentious topic in recent years. If you are one of those parents aiming to provide the best possible future for their children, give your kids a head start with early education. Enrol them in a good Childcare Five Dock centre soon.

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